Cuddles Preschool

What We Do

We are a “pack away” preschool, based at Fleetdown Community Centre. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 12 noon (15 hours maximum per week). Operating term time only for 38 weeks of the year, in line with the Fleetdown Primary School term dates. Ages 2 year to school age.

Our Children

All of our children learn through ‘free flow’ structured play, without even realising. The children are able to expand their learning to the outdoors if the weather permits in our own designated garden area. We actively promote equality and diversity to our children. When it is finally time for the little ones to then move on to big school, there is never a dry eye between children, staff or parents.

Our Staff

All of our staff are qualified to the national required levels, including SEN, which means we can accommodate children with special needs. The setting is also perfect for disabled access as the building is all on one level.

Important Information

  • OFSTED and KCC registered
  • Take funded or non- funded children
  • If eligible we are part of the Free for 2 scheme
  • Operate Mornings only.
  • Term time only

Our History

Back in 2010/11 there was a very popular playgroup at the centre called Fleetdown Playgroup. This had been running for many years but was at threat of being shut down due to being charity run and not getting sufficient financial help to keep it going. Shineid Maffei, who worked at the playgroup at that time, thought it would be a tragedy to see this playgroup go. So together with her two sisters; Mary Longden & Nicola Maffei (all originally from Fleet Estate), they raised the money together to open Cuddles Preschool. This meant that all the children attending at the time could stay where they were and they have never looked back. Now run by Shineid and an amazing team of staff Cuddles is the perfect place to send your child to get them socialising and ready for school at the perfect age.

Shineid, Nicola & Mary.